I'm Tute Costa

I love traveling, sports, programming and asados.


I'm a programmer

I've been playing/working with computers since I'm 15 years old.

I like building and thinking about the design/UX of projects. I read man pages, READMEs, specs, code and good blogs.

I don't say "it's good enough", I improve existing tools and projects for fun, beauty and profit.

I build software that is easy to test, grow and maintain, so that me and my coworkers can enjoy leisure time as much as work.

I have the ambition of someone who knows he can always improve, and the peace of mind of someone who knows he always does his best.

What I did and do

I spoke about Refactoring Patterns at RailsConf Chicago 2014 and RubyConf Argentina 2013.

I built General Assembly's Front Row as part of a great team. A challenge I faced at GA was to extract an authentication service from a big Rails app, so that standalone applications could be built with a single repository of users' accounts and sessions, decoupling our daily work from the release cycles and workflow of the main app.

I maintain the most popular rubygem for converting Ruby on Rails apps into OAuth 2 providers, doorkeeper.

I built and maintain Merit, a rubygem for managing reputation and adding gamification to Rails apps. The library is now being used by thousands of developers in different applications and environments, with over 500 followers and 100 forks in Github.

I built and maintained an application for a research project called Claris LPB, for browsing/querying meteorological data from as early as 1880 from thousands of geolocated stations across South America.

I was the lead (and only) developer at Chef Surfing in Sept 2011-Sept 2012. This project was done entirely in Ruby on Rails and Backbone JS. Chef Surfing won a grant from Startup Chile, we worked six months in Buenos Aires and six in Santiago de Chile. I designed the software, worked on development and testing, deployment and bug fixes. I helped to brainstorm design and to prioritize features for the MVPs.

On the social side, I created a non-profit organization called Nodo with a mission to recycle and repurpose unused computers and give them to libraries and low-income families, and to spread the use of Free Software. We taught many people how to assemble computers and empower themselves with this knowledge, in fun and purposeful afternoons. Program is still active in UNNOBA and UBA universities.

I was interviewed about my experience working remotely for WideTeams.

I'm Bachelor in Computer Sciences (Universidad de Buenos Aires).

I built apps for playing/learning, and for solving my own problems (I love and use them frequently). Descriptions and links in next section.

My apps / playgrounds

Timed Wallet
Keep track of your personal finances, both current and future
Dynamic Atlas
What's sorrounding me right now?
Played with: Sinatra, CoffeeScript, Google Maps API & Wikimapia APIs.
Muni Matching
Resident Matching Program for Buenos Aires, used by residents to optimize their choices over which Hopsital to apply for. Similar to NRMP. Worked with @didest.
Played with: Rails, Maximum Likelihood Method, Stable Marriage Problem.
Track your resolutions, keep up with your goals
Played with: Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, Backbone.
Currently I'm playing with offline HTML5 apps, Backbone.js/Marionette.js, and Ember.js.

Even more

You can get my code at github.com/tute and talk to me at twitter.com/tutec.

You can see my "vanity metrics" in my Stackoverflow CV, Open Source Report Card, and in Coder Wall.

I speak fluent spanish and english.